Giorgio Di Salvo signs a new chapter in his Advanced Audio Research: a blast of free-form junglish mayhem, once more released in coproduction with Haunter Records. This time ripe with the furthest experimentations and most far-out cuts coming out of the AAR headquarters.
That’s right, we’re dealing with some serious freakishness : using the same generative process and wicked arsenal of tools as his previous oblation, Di Salvo managed not only to top its rave-ready madness, but also to venture far beyond, arranging the gnarliest noises into wild, crooked beats and mocking melodies.
AAR’s music is still closely related to the heaviest dance music paradigms like breakcore and flashcore, tho it maintains such a unique character and such a distinctive sonic palette that makes it stand within that musical world in a truly refreshing manner.

Recorded by Advanced Audio Research
Mix & Master by Tapewave
Artwork by Giorgio Di Salvo
Cat. No. SPCTR014/AAR02 – All rights reserved.
℗ & © Haunter Records 2020