Ausschuss - Room 1

German newcomer Ausschus debuts on Haunter Records with a 6-track offering, throwing in elements from the whole spectrum of contemporary experimental music. The subtle yet intense melodic work, put in a place of dangerous acoustic creatures (bit-crushed drones, metallic clangs, slow hard beats), allows him to explore both negative and positive affections. The main goal is dominance—or rather, positive acceptance—of melancholia, using harsh frequencies as a crucible for one’s psyche, teaching how to stand amidst the noise, breathing it, accepting it as nutrition. It’s not a matter of riffing against listeners, but of accompanying them through different rooms, different states, and molding them according to their will and sensibility. Ausschuss’ use of space, reverb and harmony gives solidity to the sound, creating a proper environment in which insight and growth can happen freely.


released November 19, 2018 

All tracks written and produced by L. Nicholson 
Additional Vocals by Stella Chung 
Mixed by James Kelly and L. Nicholson 
Mastered by Tapewave Mastering 
Cover by Richard Frater 
Design by Jack Kimberley 
Original painting by Richard Bryant 

For Mattis 

Haunter Records 2018