Constellation Botsu - ファカすっかもじゃんかよ (FAKA SUKKA MOJYANKAYO)

Oomune Taka is from Japan, communicating with the world through a digital avatar named Constellation Botsu. His actual whereabouts and personal history are unknown, the only tangible manifestation being the innumerable micro-explosions of digital noise he constantly emits. Botsu is a maker of short chaotic poetry made of dissonant frequencies, overloaded with weird harmonics and sense-shattering sound motion. Pushing the envelope on the classical japan-school harsh noise, Constellation Botsu captures a diverse range of contradicting emotional states and has them clash into brief pieces of intensity. Haunter Records captured some of those psychic fragments on a1 CD, unleashing their joyfully destructive potential. Glowing electronic madness for hyper-stimulation junkies.