Heith - Laguna

"Haunter’s chief spirit Daniele Guerrini a.k.a Heith turns Indonesian gamelan into spectral, plasmic ambient designs on ’Laguna’, his 2nd vinyl following ‘Silence Will Expire’ [2014]

Coming from the same skool of unsettling ambient thought as Coil and their myriad side projects, ‘Laguna’ is a richly and purposefully meditative session patently in thrall to the complex, chaotic, yet subtly iridescent harmonic qualities of tempered metal alloys and South East Asian scales.

The A-side’s title cut finds him accreting and parsing layers of field recordings into a steeply opiated and viscous slosh resonating somewhere between Kink Gong and Sleazy’s The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, whereas the B-side’s ‘Tree Stand’ appears to invert that radiant effect with unsettling, endothermic dynamics and ‘Maria’ folds in Matthias Girardi a.k.a. Weightausend for a more mystic, tonal variant recalling the atmospheres of John T. Gast and M.C. Boli’s Gossiwor duo."

Recorded and produced by Daniele Guerrini in 2017 
Mixed at Piezo’s in May 2018. 
Mastered at D&M 
Artwork by Pietro Agostoni 

Vinyl comes in white disco bag with printed centers, ltd. Edition of 300.


released October 5, 2018 

Recorded and Produced by Daniele Guerrini in 2017. 
Mixed at Piezo's in April 2018. 
Synth in track 2 is by Tristan Viecelli 
Track 3 is featuring Weightausend. 
Mastered by Helmut at D&M. 
Artwork by Pietro Agostoni