Lag OS - Natura Oculta

Natura Oculta is a work by the irrepressible multi-disciplinary artist Rubén Patiño, channeled through his Lag OS alias. It investigates the potential for the recreation of imaginary landscapes by the use of sound. Patino set out not to create a collection of musical pieces or a sonic narrative, but rather a kind of oniric and surreal space in which an ensemble of audible objects (or rather, creatures) could move, prosper and interact.
Patiño primarily focus on the wetland, a typology of environment that becomes a metaphor of the eerie, the amorphous and the unknown. It is not a matter or imitating or replicating nature, tho, rather of using many different sound design techniques to establish the possibility for a different kind of nature to sprawl out: an uncanny one, at once familiar and alien.
The aim of the work is to create fictional narratives that blur the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, the actual and the virtual, the physical and the imaginary. Immersing in this work means exploring a space that exists as much in the physical manifestations of its many weird voices as in the interaction between the sound and the listener’s subconscious.

Natura Oculta will manifest in two forms. First as a digital album released by Haunter Records and presented in public via a nocturnal soundwalk in Milan, Mexico City and Moscow. Then alongside a complementary virtual environment, an experiential videogame developed in collaboration with Andrea Belosi. 

Mixed and mastered at tapewave December 2019
Artwork by Federico Scudeler