Lettera 22 - Control The Ground

Lettera 22 is a creature of the worldwide noise underground. Composed of Second Sleep founder Matteo Castro (also known as Kam Hassah, Endless Sea and Mercury Hall) and Riccardo Mazza (recently responsible for a technoid outing on Ideal Recordings as RM), the duo has set to make use of sonic slag and explore polluted aural ambiences in their own personal way from day one.

Their sound-sculpting techniques incorporates direct physical interaction with tape recorders and contact mics as well as digital effects and field recordings. Their main focus though, is the constant construction and deconstruction of a virtual space for sounds to interact in, manipulating reverb in a way as akin to musique concrete as to freakish dub-wise abstractions. Control The Ground is their first release for Haunter Records, recorded in the summer of 2015, inspired by war bulletins, radio transmissions and ghost stations.

released December 20, 2016