Petit Singe - Akash Ganga Remixes

The second chapter in Petit Singe’s travel through Akash Ganga comes in the form of four remixes curated by members and friends of the Haunter Records extended family. They all applied their peculiar agencies and experience to the original recordings. Danse Noire boss and spiritual explorer Aïsha Devi combined elements from all the tracks of the album with her own production to assemble “Necromedia”, a powerful take on the sidereal source material. Haunter veteran Weightausend delivers a psycho-dub version of the frantic “OXO”, while Zuli (of VENT and UIQ fame) deconstructs the same track turning into a kind of post-human and post-colonial beat he labeled “Astrogangsta”. The final track is an alteration of the album’s finale “27.09.87” by Canadian experimenter Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, who let it mutate like a self-sufficent biodigital organism, opening it up for new experiences.