Sense Fracture - In My Escape I Look For A Weapon

“In My Escape I Look For A Weapon”, a declaration of intent in an ever-progressing struggle for existence. Urging not to surrender while also calling for empathy and comprehension. Haunter co- founder, DJ, producer and writer Francesco Birsa Alessandri, under his Sense Fracture alias, launches a call to arms to all resisting forces and collective efforts for progress, freedom and equality, riding a punishing, uncompromising sound through an unquiet harmonic body: hard-edged yet unapologetic about its own vulnerability. The dancefloor’s potential for political affirmation and the ambivalent nature of escapism are the forces that sharpen the Fracture. Channeling the writings of Kathy Acker, Amy Ireland and Mark Fisher as well as bits of rave extremism, breakcore, dub, grime and trap, Alessandri aims to reflect and infect reality by challenging the structure of conventional club narratives. It is by enhancing the nonlinear, abrasive qualities dwelling between the beats that They build a critique of language and power relations.