Somec - Source Of Uncertainty

Source of Uncertainty is Giovanni Napoli’s second release as SOMEC on Haunter Records. Following the same path of mind-body-machine interactivity of Arbitrary Function Generator, this one dwells even more into the construction of a spontaneous sonic narrative. Hardcore modular synthesis is the platform for meditation and travel, a free land hosting an infinite deposit of raw matter. Emphasizing the process more than the end results, Source Of Uncertainty is SOMEC’s psychedelic testament: a retracing of old chemical scars through a continuous creative feedback between the producer and his gear. Disciplined enough to make good use of free form, Napoli utilizes minimalism and microtonal intimacy as much as disorienting noise elements, evoking a weird sequence of opposites: relaxation and anxiety, rawness and delicacy, peace and unrest.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Giovanni Napoli. Additional synths and production on track 6 by Tristan Viecelli. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering (UK)