SSSS - Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes

"Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes" is a motionless venture into uncharted territory, an exploration of space with no sense of place. For once, Samuel Savenberg dismissed his usual technoid-industrial uniform and trades it for a dense assembly of droning ghosts, drifting rhythmic drills, disintegrated field recordings and faraway resonant harmonics… Thru those means, the composition embraces its own melancholia, modeling it into a an outward tide of contradicting emotions. Recorded through the course of a two-week residency at Südpol Lucerne and presented live for the first time on december 12, 2015, it represents an utter and extemporary deviation from the main course of S S S S’ noise explorations, though also an essential achievement, one sure to reverberate into his future production.

released December 14, 2015

Performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Samuel Savenberg