Various Artists - forever

Forever is in multiplicity and mutation. Musician and visual artist Nicola Tirabasso (VISIO), together with Haunter founders Daniele Guerrini and Francesco Birsa Alessandri called for a collective effort in order to celebrate these elements of experience. In opposition to linear notions of time itself. An attempt to let perceptions of future and past bleed together, to establish every moment as an infinite process of consumption and re-generation. A compilation of 33 artists, each contributing in their own peculiar style, adding their own blends to the palette and exposing the lineage of their work. It is precisely to state that the perennial immanence of difference is what constitutes the basis for true unity, that the curators have grouped an utterly diverse cast of contributors, whose output strikes a vastity of moods and textures, and grows out of very distinct intentionalities and backgrounds. Making kin without borders, letting mutual support evolve into a chimeric infinity.

Curated by Nicola Tirabasso and Haunter Records 
Mastered by Jo at Tapewave Mastering 
Artwork by Katja Novitskova & Kareem Lotfy 
Cat. No. HR024 – All rights reserved. 
℗ & © Haunter Records 2019 

01. VISIO - Landslide 
02. Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar - Fauno 
03. Maxwell Sterling - DESIGNER DIRGE 
04. Weightausend - Ceaseless Collateral 
05. ssaliva - Why Me 
06. ZULI & Broshuda - Vector Cloak 
07. Cube - Latency 
08. Ausschuss - Loose Unit 
09. Elvin Brandhi - HAUNT 
10. Heith - Suspicious Activities 
11. Sol Ring - Shadow Heart 
12. Helm - Permanent Mute 
13. Tadleeh - Ruba Meta 
14. Celyn June - Perndfgich001 
15. oxhy - Santoor 
16. Sense Fracture - Crime As Poetry 
18. Lag Os - Not Alone (In The Forest Edit) 
19. Kinlaw - Port Tropiq 
20. Heith & Weightausend - The Wheel 
21. Lutto Lento - Angels 
22. Noumeno feat. Sense Fracture - Words Are Only Places To Hide, And I No Longer Intend To Hide 
23. Nick James Scavo - Vorsch (Threnody) 
24. XIII - Explo_er 
25. S S S S - Dualistic Dead Ends 
26. Katatonic Silentio - Eerie 
27. Alex Zhang Hungtai - LA River Practice 
28. Glochids - Running Fence 
29. Cobweaver feat. Seed - ii + iii Tightened 
30. SOMEC - Ra 1 
31. Renick Bell - Seek Your Own Error And Learn 
32. Julien Andreas - Pump 
33. Ossia – Theresa 

Haunter Records will release For.ever on October 4th, 2019