Weightausend - Meet Your Doom! (Green Death)

In a way, Matthias Girardi’s second release for Haunter Records as Weightausend is a piece of speculative fiction, referencing horror by making its mechanics very evident, albeit clouded in electronic pot smoke. It is a 4 track EP on which every element of music is presented along its deformed replica. On “Green Death”, the dub-infused manipulation of sound through echo and reverb builds a space for the beat to traverse like a ghastly presence. Its companion “Drip Dub” version dims the light even more, adding echoes of videogame violence. On the other side, the cripple cinematics of “Meet Your Doom” bring on a tribal insurrection, with jungle extremist Christoph De Babalon’s remix of the track left to lurk after the massacre is consumed.

Written, produced and mixed by Matthias Girardi.
B2 reworked and mixed by Christoph De Babalon.
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.
Graphics By Federico Scudeler.

released May 20, 2016